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Are you a child in your heart or by age?
Tinkerland is a place in your imagination!

We want to create a community that encourages kids to shape their world by experimenting with Media - from crayons, clay and wooden bricks to creating computer games and robotic machines. In a time where information is relentlessly impounding on us from TV, Nintendo and academic drill, we want to take control. We want to program our own games and build our own robots, without forgetting to appreciate nature and the wonderful world we live in. Every child holds its own gift to contribute to building the future of our world. Let us make those personalities bloom, not leave them be washed away. Let us encourage all kids to playfully learn to create and shape the world they are growing into!

Playful Learning, the key concept and philosophy behind this site, was invented by the first bacteria of earth - it is the principle behind evolution, which has given rise to our globe's amazing biosphere. Many tools featured here were developed at the "Lifelong Kindergarten", a division of the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, this site is not affiliated with the MIT Medialab at all. This site is a private initiative of parents, kids and educators in Osaka, Japan and around the world.

Every child is different. We hope we can inspire some kids to tinker, play, create a whole new world, and find their own place as innovators our rapidly evolving society.

Explore - Invent - Create: Let your curiosity run free!

Osaka, on May 29, 2011