Try Something NEW and Tell Us About It!


This is the Community page where you can tell us about what you are up to.

Have you written a cool Scratch program and uploaded it to the Scratch website?

Do you have new ideas on your mind? Or questions?

But first, you need to think of an nickname for yourself and create a login. If you already have a Scratch login, the same nickname will probably work.

By the way, did you know that real programmers use sandboxes, just like little kids? If you program a data base, and you want to try something new, you first try your new program in the "sandbox" to make sure it works and doesn't crash the whole computer. A data base is like a library of information inside a computer, and you always need to be very careful not to crash it or lose some information. But if you lose something in the sandbox, the real data base still has a copy of it. So, you try your new program in the sandbox first. If it works correctly, you then "go live", which means you move your new program to the real data base.

So, here is the sandbox. Get your login and go play!

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